A Christian Gospel for Holy Week, Brexit and Climate Change

At the peak of our industrial and technological progress, enjoying comforts that previous generations could only dream about yet surrounded by poverty and homelessness, confused and frustrated by the politics of Brexit and Trump, marvelling at the millions pledged to rebuild Notre Dame yet wondering why no-one pledged enough to rehouse the victims of Grenfell Tower, we pause to ponder what the gospel of Holy Week has to offer to our current context.
I am indebted to Revd Gethin Rhys, National Policy Officer for CYTÛN (Churches Together in Wales) for his reflection on Luke 23.1-49 which follows (URC Daily Reflection Good Friday):
The Roman Empire was one of the cruellest and most violent in human history. Its power covered most of the known world. The head of a small subservient nation could have his soldiers mock and scorn an accused over whom he had no jurisdiction. An Imperial Governor could find someone innocent and then have him flogged anyway in order to satisfy the crowd. He could…



Special Days & Weeks around the year

Special Days around the year
The origins and background material for many special days and designated weeks can usually be found on appropriate websites.
As the list of organisations or causes now claiming a special week or Sunday is ever-increasing, a considerable number of them have not been included.
January Christian Unity Week 18-25 January                                                                            
Holocaust Memorial Day
January 27                                                                               As many in our communities mark Holocaust Memorial Day we remember before God the thousands of victims who perished under the years of Nazi atrocities. We pray for the survivors and their relatives and we pray for the eradication, in every place, of the evil and prejudice inflicted upon men, women and children because of their ethnicity, their beliefs or their sexual orientation.
Education Sunday The Ninth Sunday before…